There are times when homeowners become complacent about their roofing work! They patiently wait for any sudden roofing issue to occur and then get proactive about roof maintenance. At times, they turn a blind eye to problems like debris accumulation and water pooling. For them, these are minor issues that won’t result in any danger. But the severe roofing issues occur from overlooking minor roofing errors for a long time. Hence, it is necessary to check with a roofing contractor in Athens, GA, and decide whether you need to replace or patch the roof.

Today, there are several roofing contractors online! You will find several in your region as well. To know more about this, you can check out MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing. Some of the signs that you should either repair, replace, or patch your roof include the following:

You find the shingles inside the gutter

Have you recently noticed something like dark sand inside the gutter? If yes, then you need to know that the roof shingles are deteriorating and wearing off. If it is in the early stages, you can check with a roofing contractor, whether a temporary solution is worthwhile and useful. Sometimes, repairs and patchwork can buy you some extra time to save for roof replacement. But if the situation looks alarming, you need to get a new roof for your house.

Condition of roofing objects

If there’s a severe roof issue, the vent pipes, chimneys, and other such areas get worn first! Hence, it would be best if you got your roof inspected and check for these worn-out areas. If your roofing contractor in Athens, GA, suggests a minor repair, you can opt-in for that. However, if the situation is beyond the small repair, you need to opt-in for a replacement, so that there are zero leaks.

Always scan the attic

Do you visit the attic daily? If not, it’s time that you get started at the earliest! Once there’s a massive storm or a torrential downpour, the attic will get affected in some way or the other. There might be leaks that are invisible and takes time to reach the ceiling. And just in case you come across traces of water, you can opt-in for flashing repair. Keep an eye for light peeking through as that might suggest the presence of water.

The sagging rafters

When you visit the attic, you should also scan the rafters! Notice whether the rafters are sagging. If that is true, can there be a sign of moisture leaks that gets inside the attic, directly from the roof? Count on your roofing inspector to give you the best solution for this.

Wall and ceiling stains

Do you see stains on the ceiling? If yes, you need to get the roof checked at the earliest! Sometimes, the leaks are not massive. Also, there’s a possibility than you completely overlook a minor stain. Hence, take some time to inspect the walls and ceiling stains. It’s best to follow what your roofing contractor suggests to you.

Make sure to check with a roofing repair service provider for roofing issues! They can guide you either with a patchwork or replacement.

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